Media Release: Squishface Comics Studio Offers Robert Clark And Kevin Andrews Alternative Engagement To World Congress Of Families Conference


"We Assume They Would Much Rather Watch People Draw"

Victoria’s Attorney-General, Robert Clark, and Australia’s social services minister, Kevin Andrews, are scheduled to speak at the World Congress of Families conference on August 30. The conference will feature “hard right-wing” speakers, and, reportedly, anti-homosexual material.

Squishface Comics Studio, a cartoonists collective located in Brunswick, Victoria, has chosen to assume that Clark and Andrews agreed to address the conference because they had nothing better to do on that day, and is pleased to offer an alternative: watching its residents draw cartoons at Melbourne’s Federation Square as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival.

"It’s possible their office staff might’ve even accepted the invites without telling them," said Squishface founder David Blumenstein today.

"And it’d be embarrassing and insulting if they rang the World Congress of Families up now and went, ‘Sorry, we didn’t realise you’re the guys who think Russia’s gay policies are awesome’."

Squishface instead suggests the two Liberal politicians tell “a little white lie” and say that they accidentally double-booked, and therefore won’t be able to attend.

"That way," says Squishface founder Sarah Howell, "Mr. Clark and Mr. Andrews get to come to our live drawing event, and the World Congress of Families gets to keep thinking they hate gays."

Members of Squishface Comics Studio will be drawing at an Illustrators In Residence event in The Atrium at Federation Square from 12-3pm.

At the same time, 21 kilometres away, Dr. Angela Lanfranchi will be speaking about “The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer”, and Rev. The Hon. Fred Nile will be explaining “God’s Creative Purpose for Planet Earth”.

Squishface also reaffirmed its commitment to free speech.

"We believe the World Congress of Families people have the right to say whatever they want, and that politicians are free to declare their personal beliefs by speaking at their events," said Squishface founder Ben Hutchings.

"We just think that conference might be a bit shit."


Squishface Comics Studio is Australia’s first open comics studio, and the only comics studio in the world to attempt diplomacy with a Stalinist dictatorship.

In 2012, following North Korea’s attempt to launch a rocket capable of reaching Australia, Squishface Studio invited North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to visit the studio and do some drawing. The Great Successor has not yet accepted the invitation.

Squishface is located at 309 Victoria St, Brunswick. Hours are 11-6pm, Tuesday-Sunday. Learn more at