Ben Hutchings

Ben has been drawing comics for sixteen years and makes a living producing comic strips for Picture Magazine. His weekly strip Tales from the Pub is in its 6th year.

His self published comics include You Stink & I Don’tHandball Heaven, Lesson Master and Walking to Japan - all available from Milk Shadow Books.  

Ben also moonlights as a coin designer, animator and 3D photography consultant.!/BenHutchings
Tales from the Pub facebook fan page.

David Blumenstein

I’m a cartoonist, animator and storyboard artist. "Showman?" The Bret Braddock Adventures is a big old webcomic I did.

You can also find my work in anthologies such as Operation FunnyboneThe Tango Collection and Going Down Swinging.

In 2013 I did some political comics for Guardian Australia, some political comics I self-published and got Andrew Bolt peeved at me.

When I work for others, I do animation, illustration and storyboards for everything from kids’ cartoons to live-action ads to online e-learning to corporate conferences.

I’m currently producing an animated series called BE A MAN about a bunch of naughty cops and writing a graphic novel called SCIENSATICS about a cult leader.
Nakedfella YouTube

I also do the podcast Comic Book Funny with Hutcho.

Sarah Howell

Sarah is known as a producer of comics related events, including as the 2009-10 Co-Director of the National Young Writers’ Festival.

Sarah’s illustrations have appeared in the Emerging Writers’ Festival Reader, The Lifted Brow and the 2011 Melbourne Writers’ Festival comic anthology Drawn from Life.

Currently working on: an historical fiction comic about Dame Enid Lyons, wife to Joseph Lyons. Joe Lyons was the first Australian Prime Minister to die in office. The story ends with Enid planning to save Harold Holt, the first Prime Minister to disappear.

Currently teaching at Squishface, CAE and Box Hill Community Arts Centre.

Ive Sorocuk
…was built in a lab located in Geelong. He is that guy who draws the Comics Face comics.

Scott Reid

Scott is an Illustrator / Graphic Designer from Melbourne, who’s debut comic “I’m Pretty Sure I’m Dying” was released late 2013. He has been described as “…a ginger beard who likes to complain while eating pizza..” and “…a bearded, artistic, drunken miscreant!…”. He swears he is more than a beard with legs attached. You can check out his work here:


Jess Parker

Alexander Trevisan

The crew of short-term artists.

We have a number of creators who hire a desk for a specific period of time so that they can work on a project. 

If you are interested in hiring a desk get in touch!