New opportunities evolve and different cities beckon. Here are the people who carry on the spirit of Squishface elsewhere:

Alexander Trevisan

Ive Sorocuk
…was built in a lab located in Geelong. He is that guy who draws the Comics Face comics.


Laura Renfrew

Laura is not known for a whole lot yet besides being that person who hangs out in the studio to draw. But keep an eye out. She did some quick art for a t-shirt once.

She is currently studying a Masters of Publishing and Communications with a focus on comic publishing and marketing.

Laura’s Tumblr


Lily Mae Martin

Lily Mae Martin is an internationally exhibited artist, writer and drawing teacher. Her work has been published in Juxtapoz magazine,Empty, Curvy, Semi- Permanent, Going Down Swinging,The Lifted Brow, Kill Your Darlings, Azuria Journal and Cottonmouth. She explores the relationship between art and motherhood, the body, identity and the domestic. 

Lily Mae is represented by the Scott Livesey Galleries in Armadale, Melbourne, Australia.

You can find more at

Jase Harper

Jase is a top bloke who worked as a resident artist for a few weeks, penciling his upcoming graphic novel, Awkwood!

Patrick Alexander

Patrick Alexander is known in Australia for his nationally published children’s comics, Pink Chickens and Tobias & Jube, and all over the damn planet for his webcomics, Raymondo Person and Hilarity Comics. More recently he has produced gag comics for the relaunched Dark Horse Presents. His work has been described as “p. funny”.

Patch also does writing and videos and live comedy even. He was one of the EEGRA and Total Gamer guys. He did Japanese Studies at Monash and Waseda. DO NOT ask him to show you his ukiyo-e books, he has WORK TO DO, he needs to FOCUS.

Patrick Alexander! Website. Tumblr?

Scarlette Baccini

Scarlette claims her best comic was “Tinny the Tin of Cat Food” which she drew when she was six years old. She is best known for Zombolette which has been collected as a book published by Milk Shadow Books.

Marta Tesoro

Marta Tesoro has been working as a freelance flash animator and illustrator in Melbourne since 2004. She has worked on numerous animated TV series such as Dogstar, Pixel Pinky, Faireez, The Mob and Wakkaville.

She has just recently dived into the world of comics, completing her very first zine. Currently she is illustrating a “fish bone series” while doing freelance work and studying 3D.

She is happy to do 2D flash animation work and commissioned illustration/painting jobs. Marta also does a blog post a day on her personal blog:

She completed a personal challenge of illustrating everyday for 6 months (July 01- Dec 31 2011). Check her drawings out!

Jo Waite
Jo Waite has been an alternative comic artist for more than 20 years and refuses to be lured away from drawing comics for grown-ups into any more sensible and lucrative work. 

Her drawn stories have appeared in various small-press compilations; Tango; The Giant Romance Comic, The Lifted Brow, Inscribe, Going Down Swinging, Blood and Thunder, and she has printed her own comics, zines and diaries since 1987. Her comics appeared in The Tango Collection (Allen & Unwin 2009) and she and Bernard Caleo have curated Melbourne Fringe Festival shows containing the very cream of Melbourne’s comic art talent for the last 5 years. 

Arran McKenna

Sacha Bryning